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Filmkunst Musikverlag (FKM) is one of Germany’s leading film music publishing companies. It was founded in 1962 and has remained independent ever since. FKM has provided musical consulting and staged music for around 8,000 TV series episodes and movies, and currently owns over 15,000 copyrights, mainly for world-famous film scores. Through its tight and continuously expanding network of international agents, FKM manages to effectively control copyrights and monitor and collect royalties with almost worldwide coverage. It is also an expert in copyright management, synch exploitation, digital distribution and royalty claiming, all excellent qualities for its role as a sub-publishing partner for various foreign catalogues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.




Since the beginning of its publishing history in far 1977, Targa Musikverlag has stood for world-famous German pop and Schlager folk-pop hits, including songs by Elke Sommer and timeless classics such as “Heidi”. Today, Targa works in partnership with various German film production companies and focuses on developing, co-financing, managing and providing consulting for film scores on their behalf worldwide. Examples include “Little Miss Doolittle”, “Twice New Life”, “Shiverstone Castle I & II”, ”Flights Of Fancy”, “A Charming Man”, “Kung Fu Mom”, “Grave Decisions”, “The Spear of Destiny”, “Heroes” and “Sisters”.




FKM and Targa are both part of the Intervox Music Group, which has its headquarters in Munich and subsidiaries in the UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal. With a background in production music publishing and a client- and market-oriented approach, FKM and Targa naturally stand for quick, simple licensing, clear communication and transparent pricing. Licensers can rely on intelligent copyright administration and precise royalty statements. These statements include detailed claims from copyright societies, which are made possible by our cooperation with major audio fingerprinting and broadcast monitoring services. Intervox Music Group is a direct member of some of the most important collection societies in the world, including GEMA, SUISA and Swissperform, as well as the GVL, PRS/mcps, PPL, AKM/aume, LSG, SIAE, SGAE, AGEDI, SPAE and SACM. The group also actively participates in the work of German and international associations of independent music publishers, including the VUT, DMV, VMÖT, MUÖ, FEM and AEDEM.


Filmkunst Musikverlag

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