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Filmkunst Musikverlag

edition roxy sound

It all began back in 2006 with the award-winning German production “Grave Decisions” (directed by Marcus Hausham Rosenmüller and with music composed by Gerd Baumann). The film was nominated in 4 categories at the German Film Awards 2007, winning Best Film Score and Best Screenplay. Since then, Edition Roxy-Sound has landed an increasing number of hits, from family films such as “Castle Shiverstone I & II” to prime time crime series  including the German hit series “Tatort” and many more.

edition musical magic

Born out of the desire to bring together the entertaining element of pop music and the evocative character of classical music, Edition Musical Magic is responsible for managing the film scores of over 30 films and screen adaptations of all kinds. Its greatest successes range from the hit family film  “Little Miss Doolittle” to prime time dramas such as “Ella Schön” and pure action and adventure movies such as “The Charlemagne Code”, which feature music by no less than Klaus Badelt (“Pirates of the Caribbean”).

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